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New: Are You Considering a DIY Security System?

Before you consider one of the many DIY options on the market today, learn more about why a Security company can provide a better solution for your security needs.


Are Your Cameras Secure?

Do you have cameras in your home that are vulnerable? Learn more about why Guardian's solutions are more secure.


We Saved A Puppy!

Security and camera systems can often protect more than just yourself and your business. Brendan is here to share the story of a puppy who was recently saved by just such a system.


Are your cameras recording right now?

Do you have cameras? Like, do you have cameras at your home or your place of business? Can I ask you a question? Are all of them on right now? Are all of them recording right now?


Household items that can make your home less secure

I've always been just shocked - Just shocked at how many people have things around their home that defeat any concept of home security. 

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