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smart camera systems for seattle homes

Smart Cameras vs. Retail Cameras for Home Security: What’s the Difference?

By Matt Smith | December 10, 2018

When there’s no integration between the cameras and the home security system, the homeowner misses out on a variety of benefits. These benefits include….

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The Value of Video Analytics

By Matt Smith | November 2, 2018

Unless a business has a dedicated security staff tasked with watching live security video 24/7 – and most do not – then video analytics is an absolute necessity. Here are some of the most important things video analytics can accomplish:

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Why Should You Upgrade to Video Verification?

By Matt Smith | September 2, 2018

If you are considering your options in home or business security, you have probably found that there are far more choices than you had anticipated. One of those decisions includes whether or not to opt in to video verification.

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