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5 Reasons to Switch to Cloud-Based Access Control

By Matt Smith | March 15, 2020

If you’re still on the fence about electronic access control – and, wondering whether a cloud-based solution is a good access control model for you – consider these key reasons. 

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Managing Cloud Access Control & Intercoms Through A Simple Mobile App

By Matt Smith | March 7, 2020

In the early days of electronic access control, administrators could only dream of managing the systems from anything other than a desktop computer. But now, authorized managers of access control can disconnect from the desk and manage the system for every facility in the organization from the convenience of their smartphones.

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How Turn Key Access Control Helps Your Small Business Thrive

By Matt Smith | March 1, 2020

When you have a small business, the stakes are just as high as they are for a massive enterprise – maybe higher, in fact. If this is your only business and you’ve worked hard to get it off the ground, there simply isn’t room for a physical security breach. The monetary loss, property damage and liability risks could sink you in an instant.

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