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Worried About Watching The Kids This Summer? Let Smart Home Security Help

Worried About Watching The Kids This Summer? Let Smart Home Security Help

While you want to let your kids have some independence as they mature, it’s difficult to anticipate everything that can happen. Your smart home security system does more than just protect your family for the summer. Use image, contact sensors, and cameras to help you see what’s going on at home when you’re not there.

5 Advantages of Security Systems Integration

Having a central platform means increased accessibility, and provides better management over all of the systems. The right platform can enable the user to manage many complex systems seamlessly and efficiently.
Outdoor Security Essentials To Make Your Summer Secure

Outdoor Security Essentials To Make Your Summer Secure

Some of the best parts of summer are the long summer evenings that stay light until 9 PM and the fun cookouts with friends and family. It’s also a critical time to protect your home and outside space, especially if you’re going away on vacation. We’ve got some great solutions to help keep your home more secure.

For Campuses and Hospitality, There’s Siemens Cerberus DMS

When an academic campus, hospitality facility or other multi-building site is in need of a new protection option, one of the most appealing choices to consider is Siemens Cerberus DMS.

Guardian Security Featured in the Seattle Edition of Who’s Who of Building Construction

Recently, Guardian was pleased to be featured in the Seattle edition of the "Who's Who in Building Construction", a Kelley Blue Book publication. Titled "The Guardians of the (Seattle) Galaxy", the article featured Bob Vezzani and Stassa Hansen from our Fire Alarm Division.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Siemens MXL Fire Alarm System to the New FireFinder XLS

Migration of your fire alarm system may seem overwhelming, but Siemens Migration Solution makes the process simple by breaking it down into phases. Here’s a brief look at the migration phases.

17 Ways to Keep Your Summer Safe and Carefree

Block parties, barbeques, and pool time… summer is all about the fun! Because we spend more time enjoying time away and more time outdoors during the summer months, the number of burglaries and outdoor related injuries also increases. We here at Guardian Security want to help you make all of your summer memories good ones…

Smart Home, Smart Families: Managing Summer Break With Home Automation

Summer break is in full swing, and for many parents, that means there will be a variety of challenges that aren’t present during the school year. There are remedies for these challenges, though – and some of them can be delivered by your home security system.
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From Request for Pricing to Approved Plans: The Fire Alarm Timeline

Planning, designing and implementing a commercial fire alarm system takes time. For our valued commercial clients requesting fire alarm systems, it’s important to know and understand the timeline involved. From request for pricing to approved plans, the process of a fire alarm project is extensive. Here is an average timeline.
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Facts About Fire Watch: What Organizations Need to Know

When a fire system is not in place or functional and evacuating the building is not an option, it’s critical for fire watch protocols to be carried out. The fire watch is a guideline established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), as well as a required ordinance in your city. 

What to Look for in a Quality AES Wireless Mesh Radio Fire Alarm System Installation

When seconds count, it is important to rely on an alarm communication system with the fastest speed and most reliable service.

Commercial Fire Protection: Avoiding False or Nuisance Alarms

We become fatigued by repeated alarms. Studies show that all it takes is three nuisance alarms a year to seriously impact the responsiveness of the building occupants. This is the point when we assume that every alarm is a false one and so delay any action. We are more likely to be annoyed with the disruption than fear it could be real. This leads to increased fire associated injury and deaths.

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