Are Your Cameras Recording Right Now?

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Do you have cameras? Like, do you have cameras at your home or your place of business? Can I ask you a question? Are all of them on right now? Are all of them recording right now?

Are you sure they’re recording right now? See, I’ve got this client. The client has a parking structure- not really structure- parking spots in the city detached from their building, somewhere else.

But the the landlord of the local building said, “Yeah, you can put your cameras on our building to watch your parking spot”.  And then there was an incident, and they went back and said, “Well, we gotta go check the cameras and see what happened”, but you know what? The cameras were unplugged and they had no idea.

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Do you know if your cameras are working right now? Will your system send you an email or notification if you have a camera failure? Give us a call. Let us set you up with a camera system that’s gonna tell you if it’s working or not, or at least tell us so that we can do something about it.

Guardian Staff
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