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Archive for November 2016

Is Mesh Radio Better? 4 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes.

We all dream of a truly seamlessly connected world; and with mesh radio, that dream can finally become a reality. Wireless mesh radio is an emergent technology whose networks utilize existing technology in a new and highly effective way. If you are weighing your options in electronic alarm solutions, there are several reasons why you…

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Why should my fire alarm be monitored with an AES radio?

One of the most common questions we get at Guardian Security is from Washington business and facility owners asking “Why should my fire alarm system be monitored with a radio?” It is a great question, with some important answers. Fastest, most reliable transmission speeds Fastest… While other communication pathways, such as cellular can take up…

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So, What’s Mesh Radio? You’ll Be Glad You Asked.

Some things are so simple that they are genius. And what you do with it is even better. Such is the case with mesh radio. Mesh radio technology is conceptually simple, but when implemented in electronic security, the result is a far more reliable and secure network than offered through other means. The Simple Lowdown…

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