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Archive for July 2015

Top Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading Your Security Alarm System

When is it time to upgrade your security alarm system? The answer is probably sooner than you realize. Technologies advance so quickly that we think nothing about upgrading our computers, phones and cameras every year because the new models offer so many features and improvements over the previous models. In fact, it does not take…

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Do These Things for More Effective Lockdown Procedures

In a 2012 New York Times article, Bill Bond, a specialist for school safety at the National Association of Secondary School Principals and survivor of a school shooting incident said that the best reason to have lockdown procedures is that “we just don’t have an alternative”. Lockdown procedures represent our best defense against serious situations…

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15 Ways to Improve Church Security and Keep Congregants Safe

Hardly a month goes by before a new report of some type of church violence dominates the headlines. It is startling and concerning. So concerning, in fact, that 90% of those polled by Christian Security Network (CSN), an organizations specializing in church security, said that they worried about church security. All across the country, churches…

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